Republicans are Wooing the Wired

Here’s an excerpt from The New York Times‘ February 8 article on the Republican Party’s effort to ramp up its tech.

At an after-hours hacking event at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., Aaron Ginn approached an engineer whose face was buried in a laptop.

Like more than a few techies, Mr. Ginn could pass for a skateboarder or a member of a boy band: As he circulated, he wore a red Reebok cap, its bill tilted high over his short dark hair, a silver and black cross around his neck and a green T-shirt printed with “Lincoln Labs.” That’s the name of the talent-scouting group he founded last year with two friends. But unlike others in this game, Mr. Ginn was in search of a rare technology-industry breed: Republicans.

In a conference room at the San Mateo, Calif., office of Data Trust, Mr. Barkett offered a brief demonstration of the impact of technology on politics. On his MacBook Air, he opened a version of the party’s voter database. It contains information on around 200 million Americans eligible to vote, can search for some 50 characteristics and can project a given voter’s likely views on issues like school vouchers.

Read the full article here.

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