RINOs in a One-Party State

RINOs in a One-Party State

As Utah has basically become a one-party state (Republican), there are more people running for office as Republicans who were once Democrats. The state’s caucus/convention system has been pretty good at weeding out many of these pretend Republicans, but in 2014 a law was passed that gutted the caucus/convention system. (Read more about that here.)

Today, under this new law, Bernie Sanders (or any other non-Republican) could move to Utah, file to be a Republican and the same day he could file to run for office as a Republican. He (they) could have their name put on the Republican primary ballot, even though they have never been Republican before and they do not support the platform—and there is nothing the party can do about it. The average voter doesn’t know about this new law. The average voter doesn’t know that these candidates aren’t really even Republican—except by virtue of checking a little box.


Bernie (and other pretend Republican candidates) can then get the liberals to affiliate with the Republican Party so they can vote for him (them) in the Republican Primary. They can spend a lot of money on their campaign advertising. They can create cute radio, TV, newspaper, and billboard ads that are vague and catchy so even the regular Republicans will vote for them. Elections can literally be won on 30 second soundbites.

Once these pretend Republican candidates can trick enough of the average Republicans to vote for them and get enough of the liberals to plug their noses and register as Republican to vote for them—they can win elections as Republicans under this new law. IF YOU ARE A REAL UTAH REPUBLICAN AND THIS BOTHERS YOU—CONTACT YOUR STATE SENATORS, STATE REPRESENTATIVES, AND GOVERNOR AND LET THEM KNOW!

This law that has invited more RINOs into the party has made The Great Divide in the GOP even worse than it already was.  It has also created more Factions of the Party.

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