Santoso 'symbolic heart' of Indonesian jihadi movement

Police guard a local hospital in Palu, Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province, on July 19, 2016, after a firefight with suspected Muslim extremists in the nearby village of TambaranaIndonesian Islamist extremist leader Santoso, killed in a shootout with security forces, was a potent jihadi symbol who kept up a violent struggle in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation that inspired legions of other militants. A deadly, IS-claimed attack on Jakarta in January was carried out by Java-based militants, and Santoso is not believed to have played a role. Santoso and his ragtag bunch of poorly armed fighters, called the Eastern Indonesia Mujahideen, had been hiding out in the jungles and mountains around Poso on the central island of Sulawesi for several years, with the area gaining a reputation as a militant hotbed.

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