Scott Walker says would target federal government unions if elected president

Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker poses with Delores Lein of Hayward, Wisc. following a town hall meeting at the Xtreme Manufacturing warehouse in Las VegasBy Erin McPike LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidate Scott Walker said if he is elected next year he will seek to eliminate federal government unions and the agency that investigates labor disputes, as well as helping states let public employees opt out of union membership. After fading to low single-digits in recent public opinion polls, the Republican Wisconsin governor unveiled the package of anti-union measures on Monday that he said were inspired by the 2011 union-busting campaign in his state that propelled him to national prominence. At a construction equipment company in Las Vegas, Walker acknowledged the measures, including eliminating the National Labor Relations Board, would be much more difficult to achieve at the federal level, given that Congress would have to approve nearly every part of his plan.

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