Seaside refuge becomes Ukraine's new front

Ukrainian servicemen take position in a suburb of the small Ukrainian city of Novoazovsk, in the Donetsk region on August 26, 2014When 15-year-old Daniil’s family packed up their belongings in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk in May and moved to the coast of Ukraine’s Azov Sea to get away from the fighting, they thought they were safe. Now the war between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces has caught up with them, turning their refuge in government-held territory into a “new front” of Ukraine’s brutal conflict over the past few days. “The shelling started here, and my mother got scared,” the teenage boy said, as his family readied to leave their refuge in Novoazovsk, a coastal town around 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Donetsk. The small working-class town of Novoazovsk is only 12 kilometres from the frontier with Russia’s Rostov region, and Kiev has blamed Russia for sending armoured convoys across the border.

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