Shiites protest Bahrain's 'naturalisation' of foreigners

Bahraini women take part in an anti-government protest, in the village of Karranah, west of Manama, on August 8, 2014 after a Bahraini court stripped nine Shiites of their citizenshipThousands of Shiites protested in Bahrain Saturday against what they say are attempts by the Sunni authorities to tip the kingdom’s demographic balance in their favour by naturalising foreigners, witnesses said. The Shiite opposition accuses Sunni-ruled Bahrain of having naturalised tens of thousands of Sunni foreigners in the Shiite-majority kingdom over recent years. “The indigenous people of Bahrain are in danger,” banners read, as protesters waving Bahraini flags marched near the Shiite village of Daih, near the capital Manama, according to witnesses. “Naturalising poses a threat to Bahrain’s security and stability,” they said.

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