Shinzo Abe returns as Japanese PM after snap election

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Shinzo Abe (C-L) receives applause from the members of parliament after being re-elected as prime minister by the lower house, in Tokyo, on December 24, 2014Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised Wednesday at the start of his new term to revive Japan’s economy so he can pursue “powerful diplomacy”, but China’s state media warned him to be wary about changing the pacifist constitution. The lower house voted overwhelmingly to confirm 60-year-old Abe, with 328 votes against 73 for acting opposition leader Katsuya Okada. Industry is a key portfolio that oversees Japan’s nuclear power sector, as Abe looks to restart more atomic reactors shuttered after the 2011 meltdown crisis at the Fukushima plant. The only new face was Gen Nakatani, replacing Akinori Eto as defence minister after Eto declined reappointment in the midst of a political funding scandal.

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