Slain US photographer chronicled Yemenis' everyday lives

An image taken from a propaganda video released by al-Malahem Media on December 4, 2014 purportedly shows US hostage Luke Somers, 33, kidnapped more than a year ago in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, saying that his life is in dangerAmerican photojournalist Luke Somers, who was killed in Yemen during a failed raid to free him from his Al-Qaeda kidnappers, was driven by an urge to document the lives of ordinary people. He traveled to the Red Sea nation with ambitions to teach, but the amateur photographer soon picked up a camera, capturing images in the streets of Sanaa as political turmoil boiled over during 2012 national elections. The 33-year-old worked as a freelance photographer for the BBC and also spent time at local newspapers, including the Yemen Times, as an editor and translator before he was snatched off the streets of Sanaa 15 months ago. On Saturday, Somers and a South African hostage were killed during a failed attempt by US special forces to free them from Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen.

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