Some Shebab Islamists switching ties from Al-Qaeda to IS: Kenya

A destroyed car near the damaged Jazeera Palace hotel in Mogadishu on July 26, 2015 following a suicide attack by Shebab insurgentsKenyan police warned Thursday of the risk of attacks by Islamist Shebab insurgents claiming they had split into rival factions, with some shifting allegiance from Al-Qaeda to Islamic State. “They have split, and as a result of the split, particularly those ones along ideological lines or religious lines are very keen to promote that competition by proving a point,” police chief Joseph Boinnet told reporters Thursday, as Kenyans prepare to celebrate Christmas in the east African nation. The Shebab, East Africa’s long-time Al-Qaeda branch, is headquartered in Somalia where it is fighting to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu, which is protected by 22,000 African Union troops, including Kenyan soldiers.

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