Southern Republicans Are Using Charter Schools To Inject Religion Into Public Schools

A plague is a widespread affliction or calamity with pervasive and serious consequences for its victims, and is often associated with a sudden destructive influx or injurious outbreak. America is suffering a widespread calamitous affliction that is having serious consequences for its victims, innocent bystanders, children, and the future of the nation. The Founding Fathers foresaw the plague coming and prescribed a simple remedy that 21st Century Republicans have ignored, rejected, and shredded in an attempt to infect every adult in America. Over the past few years, Republicans in states have focused their energy on using the public school system, and taxpayer dollars, to poison children’s’ minds with fallacy and mythology disguised as science, and besides creating a generation of imbeciles, they are shredding the Constitution while the courts, the federal government, and parents stay silent out of fear of breaking America’s cardinal rule; do not challenge Christian theocrats.

There is a concerted effort in primarily southern Republican-controlled states to use sketchy and horribly underperforming charter schools to inject a healthy dose of religion into science and history classes using funding for public schools. The practice is already underway in Louisiana with Arkansas and Indiana closing in on Texas as states blatantly violating the Constitution by shifting public money into Responsive Education Solutions, a group of publicly supported charter schools. Responsive Education Solutions currently has over 65 campuses with 17,000 students enrolled at a cost to taxpayers of more than $82 million in Texas alone. RES is expanding with 20 new campuses due to open in Texas in 2014 and taxpayers will be picking up the tab to teach the bible as science in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

via Southern Republicans Are Using Charter Schools To Inject Religion Into Public Schools.

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