Spain rejects Catalan self-determination after vote

Pro-independence people hold a Catalan independence flag during a meeting organised by the Catalonia National Assembly (ANC) on November 9, 2014Spain’s government Tuesday rejected Catalonia’s calls for self-determination after more than two million people took part in a symbolic vote on independence for the region. Catalonia’s leader Artur Mas reached out to Madrid for talks on a “definitive” and binding vote, but the national government, which had tried to ban Sunday’s ballot, dug in its heels. “The right to self-determination… is not possible, neither under our constitution nor in any of the other democracies around us,” Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria told parliament. Demands for greater autonomy for the rich northeastern region have grown over recent years, fanned by Madrid’s resistance and the recent economic crisis.

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