Summary execution, beheading, amputation claims in Boko Haram fight

Sixteen men who were arrested by Nigerian soldiers in the country's northeast were found dead just hours later with bullet wounds, community leaders sayNigerian troops were on Thursday accused of killing 16 Boko Haram suspects, after vigilantes claimed to have beheaded dozens of Islamist fighters in the country’s far northeast. Boko Haram was meanwhile reported to have begun enforcing strict Islamic law by amputating the hands of thieves and razing churches in a captured town it renamed as part of its self-styled caliphate. In Potiskum, 16 men who were arrested after morning prayers on Wednesday were found dead in a morgue with bullet wounds just hours later, community leaders and hospital staff told AFP. Locals in the Dogo Tebo area of the city believed the men were picked up and killed because all of them were from the Kanuri ethnic group that forms the bulk of Boko Haram’s membership.

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