Supreme Court hears pregnancy discrimination case

Protesters gather outside the Supreme Court while the court hears arguments in the Young vs. UPS case on December 3, 2014 in Washington, DCThe US Supreme Court weighed the issue of workplace discrimination against pregnant women Wednesday, as activists outside the building unfurled banners in support of a delivery driver at the center of the case. Peggy Young, a former driver for the UPS delivery service, claims she was the victim of discrimination in 2009 when she sought a change in her working conditions after conceiving through in vitro fertilization. In a one-hour hearing, two of the three female justices on the Supreme Court openly weighed in with support for Young, who had lost in two lower court cases, although it remains difficult to predict which way the male-dominated panel will lean. Ruth Ginsburg, 81, a fervent defender of women’s rights, and her progressive colleague Elena Kagan, both entered into vigorous exchanges with Caitlin Halligan, the attorney representing UPS.

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