Suspense as Spain's eventful election campaign draws to a close

Spanish Prime Minister and candidate for the upcoming general election, Mariano Rajoy, poses with supporters for a selfie after a meeting in Valencia on December 18, 2015Marked by an acrimonious debate, a punch in the face, star turns on TV and four very different main contenders, Spain’s election campaign came to an official close Friday ahead of this weekend’s general election. For two weeks, incumbent Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his rivals have criss-crossed the country on a mission to seduce voters whose disillusionment over corruption and austerity measures has fuelled the rise of dynamic new parties that could make a splash in Sunday’s polls. Polls predict that Rajoy’s ruling, conservative Popular Party (PP) will win the largest share of the vote but without an absolute majority, which will force it to get into bed with another political grouping to wield any kind of power.

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