Swedish Social Democrats set to win back power

Election posters of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt are pictured in front of the government building Rosenbad on September 12, 2014 in StockholmSwedish politics seems set for the biggest change in nearly a decade in elections Sunday, with the Social Democrats likely to win narrowly while the far right vote could soar. Stefan Loefven, a 57-year-old former union leader with a working-class background and no parliamentary or senior governmental experience, is favourite to become the next prime minister. According to the latest poll by Demoskop, published on Friday, the Social Democrats will win 29.2 percent of the votes. Such a result would be among the worst ever for his party, which has largely dominated Swedish politics in the post-war period and modelled its social and economic model, under the leadership of figures like Olof Palme.

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