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Syria’s Assad poses for a ‘selfie’ as he, first lady vote

Syrian election sends powerful signal of Assad’s control


BEIRUT — Syrians voted on in a tightly controlled election Tuesday that reinforced President Bashar al-Assad’s tenacious hold on power, underscoring the failure of U.S. policies aimed at inducing him to step down.

Three years after Assad’s brutal suppression of nationwide protests plunged Syria into a vicious civil war, the election seems certain to deliver him a third seven-year term in office, defying President Obama’s 2011 call for him to “step aside.”

The vote came as the former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford delivered a scathing indictment of the Obama administration’s cautious approach to Syria, saying he resigned in March because he could no longer countenance the United States’ policies.

via Syrian election sends powerful signal of Assad’s control – The Washington Post.

Syria’s Assad poses for a ‘selfie’ as he, first lady vote (via AFP)

Confident and casual, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad voted Tuesday along with his British-born wife, Asma, for his own re-election, displaying an image that contrasts sharply with the war he is waging. Portrayed as a criminal by the opposition, Assad…





Campaigning wraps up for Syria vote set to sweep Assad to power (via AFP)

Syria on Sunday wrapped up campaigning for the June 3 presidential election expected to return Bashar al-Assad to power, a vote the opposition brands a “parody of democracy”. With swathes of Syria out of government control, Tuesday’s vote will only…

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