Tears, cheers and selfies as climate pact sealed in Paris

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (R) hugs French Ambassador for COP21 Laurence Tubiana, as Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Christiana Figueres (L) looks on, in Le Bourget on December 12, 2015They erupted into cheers, broke into tears, took selfies and quoted great figures of history after the gavel came down in Paris on Saturday, launching the quest to save mankind from global warming. After almost three minutes of cheering died down French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who presided over 13 days of gruelling talks, picked up the green leaf-shaped gavel and brought it down again. In bringing down the tiny hammer, Fabius sealed an agreement that French diplomats spent more than a year criss-crossing the globe and preparing with meticulous detail.

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