Tens of thousands at Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil despite boycott

A young girl holds her candle at a vigil in Hong Kong on June 4, 2016, during the commemoration of the bloody Tiananmen Square crackdownTens of thousands gathered Saturday for Hong Kong’s commemoration of the bloody Tiananmen Square crackdown despite many young activists turning their backs on the candlelit vigil as calls grow for greater autonomy from China. The vigil, which each year draws huge crowds to the city’s Victoria Park, has caused a widening rift in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp between those who believe the victims of the crackdown should be remembered and those who see the event’s message as increasingly irrelevant. Semi-autonomous Hong Kong is the only location on Chinese soil to see a major commemoration to mark the military’s brutal crushing of pro-democracy protests in central Beijing in 1989.

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