The Pentagon Wants the Smallest Army Since World War II

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel holds a briefing at the Pentagon, Friday, Feb. 7, 2014. Hagel said he sees no simple answer to why the U.S. military is suffering so many ethical lapses. Nor has he determined the depth of the problem. He told a Pentagon news conference Friday that he intends to find out and to fix the problem. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is set to unveil a new, proposed Pentagon budget on Monday that considerably reduces the size of the United States military. The proposal has come about for two main reasons: President Obama’s to end the nation’s extended wars in Iran and Afghanistan, and the federal government’s fiscal woes. That idea of a military being able to fight on multiple fronts has been perpetuated since the first days of the Cold War, when the Pentagon expected to need boots on the ground in both Europe and Asia.

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