The Salt Lake City Mayoral Race on Social Media

Salt Lake City and County Building

Saturday, April 14 marks the partisan conventions where delegates will vote on their picks for candidates including those running for in the Salt Lake County mayoral race.

Democrats Ross Romero and Ben McAdams are contending for the position. Despite the fact that a known republican has not held the office of mayor in Salt Lake City since 1974 during Jake Garn‘s final year as mayor, six republican candidates are also in the race. They Include Mike Winder, Gary Ott, Mark Crockett, Richard Snelgrove, Merrill Cook and Larry Decker.

Let’s rank each candidate’s on social media and see what correlation it has with the candidates who get selected to move on to the general elections.

     1. Ben McAdams | 573 fans
     2. Ross Romero | 379 fans
     3. Mike Winder | 183 fans
     4. Mark Crockett | 0 fans (292 members in his Facebook group, but no official campaign page)
     5. Richard Snelgrove | 0 fans (2,106 friends on personal page, but no official campaign page)
     6. Gary Ott | 0 fans (706 friends on personal page, but no official campaign page)
     7. Merrill Cook | 0 fans (13 likes on his Wikipedia article on Facebook. Inactive personal Facebook page with 60 friends.)
     8. Larry Decker | 0 fans

     1. Ben McAdams | 1,624
     2. Mike Winder | 1,398 followers
     3. Ross Romero | 556 followers
     4. Mark Crockett | 84 followers
     5. Richard Snelgrove | 79 followers
     6. Gary Ott | 18 followers
     7. Merrill Cook | 0 followers
     7. Larry Decker | 0 followers

     1. Mike Winder | 1,655 channel video views
     2. Ross Romero | 990 channel video views
     3. Ben McAdams | 400 channel video views
     4. Mark Crockett | 0 channel views
     4. Gary Ott | 0 channel video views
     4. Merrill Cook | 0 channel video views
     4. Richard Snelgrove | 0 channel video views
     4. Larry Decker | 0 channel video views

Top Overall Social Media Performers
#1) Ben McAdams (D)

#2) Mike Winder (R)

#3) Ross Romero (D)

#4) Mark Crockett (R)

#5) Richard Snelgrove (R)

#6) Gary Ott (R)

#7) Merrill Cook (R)

#8) Larry Decker (R)

Based on our analysis of how each mayoral candidate is performing, it appears as though the race between democratic candidates Ben McAdams and Ross Romero is a tight one. Among the republican candidates, Mike Winder and Mark Crockett appear to be leading the pack.

Sterling Morris is a co-founder at PoliticIt. He enjoys studying economics, politics, and reading in his spare time. He can be reached on Twitter at @Sterling_Morris or at

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