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Many of our followers have expressed interest in It Scores versus election results. This demand has inspired PoliticIt to be begin publishing our most recent election predictions versus election results to make it easier for our fans to track the accuracy of the It Score.






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Josh Light Co-Founder PoliticIt

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  1. I like the data coming out–so, okay: I’ll see if I can crunch the numbers myself … if I have time–but here’s what I want to know:

    1. Take that top chart only: results hit / miss.

    2. How did IT score compare to early, mid, and late polls? Did the IT score predict win when polls said otherwise? Did IT score perform as good, better, or worse than polls?

    3. How did IT score change DURING race? How “elastic” was it? Since you don’t tell me that, you’d have to provide. If IT score started higher for underdog and remained high until the lower-poller won … very impressed. If it performs best in races where everyone can predict the winner somewhat less impressed–but still very interested in this stuff.

  2. Hi politicalomnivore,

    Sorry for the late response. We have been swamped.

    Not sure what you are asking regarding question 1. Please clarify.

    I don’t have exact data on the polls. I do know that we have predicted races where the polls were incorrect in the past. Generally I would trust a poll over the It Score. Polls have been time tested a lot longer than the It Score. I do believe, however, that the It Score will eventually be better than the polls.

    The earlier version of the It Score predicted races where political insiders could predict the winner. The most recent version of the It Score predicts races where people generally can’t predict the winner. It has improved overtime. However…the early version of the It Score did predict underdogs. Take Mia Love for instance (district 4 Utah). Carl Wimmer was predicted to destroy her in the primary. We predicted that she would win. All of the “political experts” predicted a Wimmer win.