Thousands bid farewell to murdered New York cop

NYPD officers carry the casket of their fellow officer Wenjian Liu during his funeral in New York's borough of Brooklyn on January 4, 2015Thousands of police from across the United States gathered in New York on Sunday to bid farewell to a murdered officer where a small number used the funeral to protest against mayor Bill de Blasio once again. A sea of blue uniformed officers lined the streets outside a Brooklyn funeral home to honor Wenjian Liu, 32, shot in the head with partner Rafael Ramos, 40, on December 20 as the pair sat in their patrol car. The build-up to Liu’s funeral had been dominated by speculation over whether officers would stage a repeat of their protest at Ramos’s service last week, when hundreds turned their back on de Blasio. On Sunday, the vast majority of police outside the Aievoli Funeral Home respected a call not to protest from New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

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