Thousands of Yemenis protest year-long coalition campaign

Yemenis wave national flags and hold placards during a protest against the Saudi-led coalition, commemorating one year of the alliance's military campaign against insurgents on March 26, 2016 next to the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in SanaaThe intervention in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi that began on March 26 last year has yet to deal a decisive blow to the Huthi rebels and their allies, who still control Sanaa and key parts of the country. “Together against the tyrannical Saudi aggression,” said a large banner in Sanaa’s Sabaeen Square where protesters gathered, as coalition warplanes flew overhead breaking the sound barrier in an apparent show of force, an AFP photographer said. Former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is allied with the Iran-backed rebels and whose party had called for the protest, appeared briefly at the rally where he reiterated his call for direct talks with Riyadh.

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