Thousands protest in Spain for Western Sahara independence

A woman shouts through a megaphone during a demonstration supporting the independence of Western Sahara in Madrid on November 16, 2014Several thousand people demonstrated in Madrid on Sunday in support of independence for the disputed territory of Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony in northwestern Africa. Banners from many parts of Spain could be seen at the demonstration, which also included live music and street performers dressed in the red, green, black and white of the traditional Saharawi flag. “We believe the Sahawari people have to right to self-determination,” said Jose Taboada, president of the Coordination of Spanish Associations of Solidarity with Western Sahara, which organised the protest and wants the territory to vote on independence. Western Sahara, larger than Britain but with a population of just 260,000, has lucrative phosphate reserves, rich fishing grounds and potentially oil.

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