Ties of the Presidential Debate

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred over their differences in their approach to education, the economy, and jobs during last night’s debate at the University of Denver. But long before the debate began, each candidate selected a tie for the debate. We asked our followers their thoughts on each candidate’s tie choice. Here are some responses we got. (Notice some of the cleaver ways people responded.)



Barack Obama received six positive comments on his tie whereas Mitt Romney received two positive comments on his tie. Based on our results from this unscientific study, It appears Barack Obama may have won this one. 

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1 comment

  1. In the picture above both the President and the Governor have used the half-windsor knot. It makes for a smaller knot, but they seldom look symmetrical. Predictably, Obama’s knot leans left and Romney’s leans right. For sartorial excellence, a Pratt or Shelby knot should be used; a great way to triangulate the electorate.