Today’s Top 10 Political Stories

Today’s top ten political stories by are:

1. Clinton’s Spending Cuts worked, Not His Tax Increases

2. Disability Treaty Downed by Republicans

3. Deficit Irks The Right

4. Where is Jan Brewer?

5. White Middle Class Voters

6. Going over the Cliff

7. Magical Thinking

8. Fury from the committees

9. Birth Rate, Big Bump

10. You Didn’t Build That

The hottest political topics are the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, and gun control. 

Sterling Morris
PoliticIt provides It Scores on political races. An It Score measures a politician’s digital influence. It Scores have correctly predicted more than 700 election outcomes in 2012 with 87% accuracy indicating that digital influence seems to correlate with election results. PoliticIt will release Politicit Candidate — software that will enable politicians to access their daily It Score and monitor their digital influence. Contact Sterling at to become a beta tester of PoliticIt Candidate. 

Sterling Morris is a co-founder at PoliticIt. Connect with PoliticIt on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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