Top Social Media Events on Inauguration Day

Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term today. Here are some of the top events we found on social media that stood out among the buzz. 

According to Twitter Government, the peak moment for the hashtag #Inaug2013 was following Barack Obama’s quote: “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle….name calling as a substitute for debate.” Twitter saw nearly 28,000 tweets including the hashtag the minute following that statement. 

Michelle Obama was caught appearing to roll her eyes at a comment John Boener made to Barack Obama. 

Senator Claire McCaskill began tweeting approximately four years ago. One of her first tweets was on Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s “strange” hat he wore during Barack Obama’s first inauguration. 

Justice Scalia's hat and Claire mcCaskill's tweet

Here’s a closer look at his hat:
Hat Justice Scalia

This image of former president Bill Clinton hit the top of’s homepage. He is seen sitting behind Kelly Clarkston as she sang. 

Bill Clinton and Kelly Clarkston

Users of social media took notice of Michelle Obama’s new haircut which now includes bangs. @RobDelaney tweeted: “Why isn’t there a network devoted *only* to Michelle Obama’s bangs. That’s all anyone cares about.”

The following tweet shows the viral nature of this topic receiving nearly 900 retweets. 

The new haircut for Michelle Obama

And finally Barack Obama’s final tweet during the ceremony. He tweeted “Our journey is not complete.” 
The Obama family
Sterling Morris, Co-Founder of PoliticIt, wrote this ranking
Sterling Morris

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