Top Ten Congressmen on Twitter Shawn CampbellNearly 96 percent of the the United State’s 435 Congressmen and Congresswomen are on Twitter. Although the majority are on this 200+ million user microblogging social network, not every politician has developed an highly established following of Twitter users. We looked each representative’s Twitter presence and identified the nation’s top representatives on Twitter based on the total number of each politician’s followers and tweets sent (view full ranking methodology below).

The top ten Congressmen and Congresswomen in the nation are:

1. John Boehner (R) | District 8, Ohio

Followers: 431,423
Tweets: 9,831

2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) | District 23, Florida 

Followers: 172,030
Tweets: 2,974
Handle: @DWStweets

3. Eric Cantor (R) | District 7, Virginia

Followers: 128,703
Tweets: 4,523
Handle: @GOPLeader

4. Darrell Issa (R) | District 49, California

Followers: 71,322
Tweets: 12,989
Handle: @DarrellIssa

5. Keith Ellison (D) | District 5, Minnesota 

Followers: 36,554
Tweets: 4,101
Handle: @KeithEllison

6. Michele Bachmann (R) | District 6, Minnesota

Followers: 168,191
Tweets: 1,814
Handle: @MicheleBachmann

7. Paul Ryan (R) | District 1, Wisconsin 

Followers: 325,761
Tweets: 1,185
Handle: @RepPaulRyan

8. Jason Chaffetz (R) | District 3, Utah

Followers: 34,006
Tweets: 3,342
Handle: @JasonInTheHouse

9. Kevin McCarthy (R) | District 23, California

Followers: 31,172
Tweets: 3,960
Handle: @GOPWhip

10. Nancy Pelosi (D) | District 12, California

Followers: 290,403
Tweets: 1,173
Handle: @NancyPelosi

Ranking Methodology 
We ranked each representative in the nation based on total Twitter followers. We assigned a weight of 0.90 for each representative’s total followers’ ranking. Next, we ranked each representative in the nation based on total tweets sent. We then assigned a weight of 0.10 for each representative’s total tweets sent ranking. Finally, we combined the adjusted rankings to develop the final rankings as listed above. 
Twitter image courtesy of Shawn Campbell.

Sterling Morris, Co-Founder of PoliticIt, wrote this ranking
Sterling Morris

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