Trump analytics firm: Best ads emphasized ‘change’

Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics and ad firm that began working for Donald Trump’s campaign last summer, is touting its digital ad strategy for emphasizing a message of change in the crucial final weeks of the campaign. “We found great success with more simple advertising from Mr. Trump’s speeches talking about different messages [and] different things he cared about,” Molly Schweickert, the company’s head of digital, told Yahoo News. One of the campaign’s most popular digital ads was called “Two Americas.” It contrasted “Hillary Clinton’s America” — filled with Syrian refugees and undocumented immigrants who committed crimes — to “Donald Trump’s America” where a helicopter and Border Patrol SUVs are manning the U.S.-Mexico border while families are kept “safe.” The campaign ran several ads along these lines, arguing that Trump’s America would be filled with jobs and prosperity, while Clinton’s would keep “Washington insiders” in charge, causing average Americans’ lives to suffer.

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