Trump fans' 'Deploraball' party shows rift in alt-right movement

A supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stands in the audience at a campaign rally in LaconiaBy Laila Kearney NEW YORK (Reuters) – Supporters of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump have appropriated the phrase “basket of deplorables” – used by Hillary Clinton during the campaign to pillory some of his backers – to plan an inauguration party called the “Deploraball.” But while the intention might be to mock the defeated Democratic candidate, the planned gathering has revealed a deep schism within the ranks of a movement known as the alt-right: pitting those embracing white nationalism or outright racism against those seeking a more credible platform for hard-right conservatives. The party will be held at the National Press Club in Washington the night before Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20, when many official inauguration events are taking place.

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