Trump laps Republican field in latest 2016 poll

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sparked controverys recently with a call to bar Muslims from entering the United States and vulgar verbal attacks on Democratic rival Hillary ClintonAmerican billionaire Donald Trump, the dominant Republican no one can stop talking about heading into the 2016 presidential election, is leaving his rivals far behind in the polls. The provocative real estate magnate and political neophyte remains at the center of campaign firestorms, roiling the Republican establishment and leading the GOP pack as it gears up for the post-New-Year gallop to Iowa and the first voting in the nominations process on February 1. Trump’s campaign trail bombast — including extraordinary comments, among them a vulgar attack on Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton that stunned many observers — appears to have done him little if any harm in the polls as he solidifies the frontrunner status he has maintained since late July.

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