Trump's Supreme Court list: all conservative, some provocative

United States Circuit Judge Steven M. CollotonBy Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – William Pryor, in urging the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 to uphold a Texas law banning gay sex, argued against the notion that the U.S. Constitution should safeguard a person’s choice of partners. Pryor, who then was Alabama’s attorney general and now serves on a federal appeals court, was one of 11 conservative jurists who presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has named as people he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court, if elected. “A constitutional right that protects ‘the choice of one’s partner’ and ‘whether and how to connect sexually’ must logically extend to activities like prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia,” Pryor said in a legal filing to the Supreme Court.

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