What is truth?

Talk about letting your mind run wild. On the trip back from town today I made the mistake of listening to talk radio instead of music and the host was going back and forth with a caller about the ‘facts’ relating to gun control. The host kept asking the caller where he got his facts from and the caller replied with well where do you get yours from? Both I am sure were basing their comments on what they had read or heard as gun control facts. But where indeed can we find the ‘truth’ about anything anymore. Today all books are slanted and there is no ‘truth’ to be found.

For us as adults this may be fine, we can reason things out, but what about our children in school? Even textbooks today are slanted depending on the publisher. Think I am wrong, check out some current history textbooks and read about the civil war the Vietnam war or the Gulf conflict and for those of us who lived through that period of history it will read like science fiction. The basic facts are there along with dates, but it is the context of how these conflicts are presented that makes me scratch my head and think I must have been asleep when they decided that.

Many years ago I endeavored to find historical proof of a man called Jesus. I spent hours at the library and online seeking out what ‘facts’ I could find, and after months of on and off digging I came away with no answer. There were so many books on the subject but they followed two roads. One saying he was a myth created by the leaders of the early church and the other presenting what they said were historical ‘facts’ that said he did indeed walk this earth.

So it is all a mater of what and who you put your trust in. You may believe that our president is out to destroy our country or that he is the best president ever elected, it all depends on what you have read, heard and believe. So where, my friends, do we find the ultimate truth? I think that depends on what truth we are looking for. If it is about our country and politics then there is only one source for the basic principles our constitution. The men that wrote it knew they would be killed for doing so and this gave them a huge motivation for truth and common good. If it is religion, than I say go to the source, the bible. Yes I know it was written well after Jesus died and quite a bit of it is second and third hand information, but in reading the words put down so long ago one finds, no feels, the ‘truth’ contained therein.

I think when the president commented during his first election campaign that everyone should fear the man that protects his flag, (aka the constitution), and his bible with his gun, maybe he was right for once.

So please excuse me, I have finished reading my bible

and before I go out and do some target practice with my rifle

I have to untangle the flag in my driveway.

Alaskan Pete
I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA then did a three year tour with the Army in the Far East and Texas. My first carrier was as a printing pressman lasted for 26 years until 1993. Then after a series of life changing events in 1993 and 1994, I went to work for my son in 1995 on an outdoor adventure series shot in Alaska. The series went on to win two awards and was later aired on PBS. While working on the video project I was so taken by Alaska and its people I bought property and after completing the project returned to live here. For the first three years in Alaska I worked as an assistant hunting guide. During this time I obtained an Alaskan fishing guides license and began running fishing trips down the Yukon river. In 2001 I began helping a friend build a home then the one home turned into three and I was offered a new place to live and have been here ever since. While at my new home I became a licensed Ham radio operator so I could talk with my family in the lower ’48′. Though the cabin has no full time electricity I have a battery bank, solar panels and a generator for when the need arises. Out here there is of course no running water, phone service or TV but I have found the pleasure of books…lots and lots of books. I also continue to work on Video projects and have a small editing suite for working on them. Even though I miss my children and grandchildren my daily life is full. I have few close by neighbors but I do manage to spend time with the woman that gave me this place to live and her daughter. On those few times when I may be down I have only to open my door and walk outside into the wilderness that surrounds me and I can see Gods handy work all around.
Alaskan Pete

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