Tsipras in pole position hours ahead of Greek vote

Polls forecast a slim victory for Alexis Tsipras, pictured with party youth members in Athens on September 19, 2015Last voter surveys forecast victory for the youthful Tsipras over conservative party chief Vangelis Meimarakis by margins ranging from 0.7 to 3.0 percentage points. In a white shirt with no neck-tie and his sleeves rolled up, a cheery Tsipras spent part of Saturday on the eve of the election chatting with young members of his Syriza party in an outdoor cafe in Athens’ busy downtown tourist district of Monastiraki. The race is tight and he will need the youth vote after many youngsters became disenchanted over his U-turn deal with Greece’s international creditors in July, when he agreed to the kind of tough economic reforms he had formerly rejected.

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