Tug of war over China's founding father Sun Yat-sen

Considered the founding father of modern China for his 1911 overthrow of the Qing dynasty, Sun Yat-sen's portrait is displayed in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on important datesChina’s ruling party is marking the 150th birthday this week of the man who ended millennia of imperial rule by trumpeting republican revolutionary Sun Yat-sen as a proto-Communist and a symbol of unification with Taiwan. Commemorative stamps have been issued in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China to honour the Western-educated doctor who railed against the Qing dynasty and whose 1911 revolution toppled the empire. The Republic of China he founded still controls Taiwan, where its leaders fled after Mao Zedong’s forces won the country’s civil war in 1949 and set up the People’s Republic.

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