Tunisia parties reach first accord on vote timetable

Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh arrives for a meeting as part of the dialogue between ruling political parties to try to agree on a timetable for delayed parliamentary and presidential elections on June 11, 2014 in TunisTunisia’s political parties on Friday agreed to hold legislative and then presidential elections in 2014, a mediator said, the first agreement on the electoral timetable after months of delays. Islamists Ennahda, which dominates the National Constituent Assembly, had wanted the legislative vote first, while their opponents mostly sought the opposite. Lawyer Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, who mediated the talks, told AFP that 12 out of 18 bodies represented at the negotiations voted for the legislative vote to be held first. “The decision was adopted and we are going to submit it to the National Constituent Assembly for it to vote on the law (fixing the election dates),” he said.

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