Tunisia police kill 6 'militants' ahead of key polls

Members of the Tunisian military move to a position near a besieged house in the town of Oued Ellil near on October 24, 2014Tunisian police killed six suspected militants, five of them women, in a raid on a suburban house Friday after a 28-hour standoff, fanning tensions ahead of a landmark election. Two children were hospitalised after security forces stormed the home near Tunis, a day after a policeman was killed in a firefight with the suspects, interior ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said. He said their father, whose earlier arrest led police to the house, was a member of Ansar al-Sharia, a jihadist group branded a terrorist group by Washington. The North African nation is preparing to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers and police for its first parliamentary polls Sunday since an uprising three years ago that inspired the Arab Spring revolutions.

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