Tunisians to march against extremism after museum massacre

Tourists light candles at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in memory of the victims of a jihadist attack earlier this month which killed 21 peopleThousands of Tunisians, led by their president and joined by several foreign dignitaries, are to march in the capital Sunday to denounce terrorism after the museum massacre of 21 tourists. On March 18, two gunmen targeted the National Bardo Museum in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, dealing a severe blow to a country that was the cradle of the Arab Spring and is highly dependent on tourism. The dead tourists were from Italy, Japan, France, Spain, Colombia, Australia, Britain, Belgium, Poland and Russia. The march is set to begin in Tunis at 1000 GMT, going from Bab Saadoun Square to the museum where a stone tablet will be dedicated to the memory of the victims.

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