Twenty-five years on, Pinochet's legacy still haunts Chile

The site where the house of late Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet once stood, before being demolished to make way for a new building, in the Lo Barnechea neighborhood of Santiago, March 3, 2015Twenty-five years after Chile’s return to democracy, glorifying Augusto Pinochet has finally become taboo, but the country is still fighting to erase the social and political legacy of his dictatorship. Pinochet, who seized power in a bloody 1973 coup and ruled Chile with steely ruthlessness for the next 17 years, stepped down on March 11, 1990, handing the presidential sash to democratically elected president Patricio Aylwin after a lengthy transition. With his trademark dark glasses and military uniform, General Pinochet was an emblem of the dictatorships that gripped much of Latin America in the depths of the Cold War.

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