Two Niger soldiers killed in 'Boko Haram ambush'

File picture shows Niger soldiers next to a burnt out tank belonging to the Boko Haram militants, in Malam Fatori, in northern Nigeria, near the border with NigerAn alleged Boko Haram attack on a village in southeastern Niger killed two of the country’s soldiers, the Nigerien army said Friday, the latest deadly raid by the Islamist group. The incident occurred when a nearby military unit was warned that an attack was imminent against the village of Baroua, near the border with Nigeria, at around 10:30pm (2130 GMT) on Thursday, and dispatched soldiers to the scene, according to a defence ministry statement read on state television. On the way to the village, the troops were ambushed by “suspected Boko Haram elements”, the statement said, with two soldiers killed and seven others wounded.

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