U.S. Senate leader Reid blasts Koch brothers over Obamacare ads

Reid addresses reporters at the U.S. Capitol in WashingtonBy Susan Heavey WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused the billionaire Koch brothers on Wednesday of being ‘un-American” for spreading headline-grabbing “lies” about President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. Speaking on the floor of the Senate, the Nevada Democrat blasted ads by Americans for Prosperity, a political advocacy group backed by David and Charles Koch. Koch Industries Inc, the brothers’ oil and gas conglomerate, fired back, saying the Kochs were not responsible for the ad by Americans for Prosperity and calling Reid’s remarks “disgraceful.” In its statement, Koch Industries said: “It is disgraceful that Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats are attacking a cancer victim as part of their campaign against Charles Koch and David Koch.” Americans for Prosperity also struck back at Reid, saying in a statement: “Instead of admitting that the health care law is a bad deal for Americans, Senator Reid has chosen to attack the brave men and women who are sharing their personal stories about ObamaCare.” The ad scored “two Pinocchios” out of a possible four by the Washington Post’s fact checker Glenn Kessler, who said the commercial did not give a full accounting comparing the patient’s old plan with a new one.

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