UN genocide envoy warns on Burundi tensions

A Burundian woman casts her ballot at a polling station in Bujumbura, during the 2010 parliamentary electionsThe United Nations’ top advisor on preventing genocide on Saturday appealed for dialogue and greater freedoms in Burundi, which he said needed to avert “the worst” ahead of elections next year. Speaking at the seat of the UN-backed Rwandan genocide tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, Adama Dieng said Burundi had the right to vote “in complete peace”. “The forces of evil must not be allowed to push certain actors toward criminal violence,” he told reporters, warning of a rise in political violence in the small central African nation. If not, the worst could happen,” said the Senegalese diplomat, when asked if Burundi was at risk of falling into the fate as its neighbour Rwanda, which collapsed into genocide 20 years ago.

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