UN slashes winter aid in Iraq, Syria amid funding gap

Displaced Iraqi children play at the Bahrka camp 10 km west of Arbil on August 27, 2014The UN refugee agency said Tuesday it had been forced to slash the number of people it can help prepare for winter in conflict-ravaged Syria and Iraq for lack of funds. People are becoming numb,” said Amin Awad, who heads UNHCR’s Middle East and North Africa bureau, lamenting that his agency was having to make “tough choices”. The agency said it was facing a shortfall of $58 million (47 million euros) for its efforts to prepare millions of displaced people in Syria and Iraq for winter. He noted that around 13.6 million people had been displaced from their homes in Syria and Iraq, including 3.3 million Syrians and 190,000 Iraqis who had fled their countries to become refugees.

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