Unity government struggles to make impact in Libya

A woman walks near a damaged car after shelling hit a demonstration in Benghazi calling for military forces to re-capture the city of Sirte from Islamic State group without foreign intervention on May 6, 2016Two months after his dramatic arrival in Libya’s capital, Fayez al-Sarraj’s unity government has won international support but had little impact inside a divided country plagued by jihadists, analysts say. The head of the Government of National Accord sailed into Tripoli under naval escort on March 30 in defiance of a militia alliance that has been in control of the capital since August 2014, after it refused to let him fly in. Its targets of restoring peace and healing divisions born of five years of conflict are being stymied by a rival government in the east that refuses to cede power until a repeatedly delayed vote of confidence in Libya’s elected parliament from which it takes its own legitimacy.

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