Uproar as Albania to dam Europe's 'wildest river'

Despite local and international opposition, the Albanian government has approved plans for a dam on the Vjosa river, considered one of Europe's last wild waterwaysKut (Albania) (AFP) – “This river will bury the living and the dead,” sighed Enver Vasilaj, 93, standing by the Vjosa, one of Europe’s last wild waterways, which runs uninterrupted from its source in northwest Greece to the Adriatic Sea. Vasilaj is among many residents of the remote Albanian village of Kut who are worried about the impact on their lives and livelihoods of a planned hydroelectric dam at Pocem, a few kilometres (miles) downstream. Despite election campaign pledges to preserve the Vjosa and create a national park around the river, Albania’s government in May defied local and international opposition and granted initial approval to a proposal by two Turkish firms to build a 25-metre (80-foot),99.5 megawatt dam at Pocem.

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