US candidates court Hispanic voters ahead of midterms

Ricardo Martinez, a volunteer for the Mi Familia Vota non-partisan organization, talks with Vanesa Rojas, a voter, about the upcoming midterm elections in Aurora, Colorado on October 20, 2014Armed with a clipboard and lists of Hispanic voters, Ricardo Martinez canvasses immigrant-filled neighborhoods in Spanish six days a week during campaign season, knocking on doors and urging these US citizens to vote in Tuesday’s congressional elections. Colorado is one of the seven or eight crucial swing states that Democrats and Republicans are battling over for control of the US Senate. Colorado Republican Cory Gardner leads incumbent Senator Mark Udall in polls, and both campaigns are targeting Hispanic voters as their race — with potential implications on which party holds the Senate majority — goes down to the wire. In this Denver suburb, as in the rest of Colorado and the American West, Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic group.

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