US condemns Boko Haram 'barbarism' after island attack

The village Nougboua after it was attacked by Nigeria's Boko Haram rebels, on February 13, 2015The United States condemned Tuesday a brutal attack during which Boko Haram gunmen killed dozens of soldiers and massacred civilians on a Lake Chad island. Washington regularly condemns Boko Haram offensives, has repeatedly warned it would increase its support to the Nigerian army and urges countries in the region to fight against the radical group. Niger said 46 of its soldiers and 28 civilians were killed in the assault, which came after 21 people were shot dead in northeast Nigeria’s Yobe state on Friday, in an attack also blamed on Boko Haram. “We condemn the violent actions of Boko Haram and its continued disregard for human life,” State Department acting deputy spokesman Jeff Rathke said in a statement.

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