US condemns 'unconscionable' Yemen suicide bombings

A Yemeni man inspects the damage following a bomb explosion at the Badr mosque in southern Sanaa on March 20, 2015The White House condemned as “unconscionable” twin suicide bombings on Yemeni mosques that killed at least 142 worshippers. The White House had earlier said there was no “clear operational” link between Yemeni extremists and the IS group in Syria and Iraq. “We have seen these kinds of claims in the past from other extremist groups,” Earnest said, adding that claims of allegiance to the Islamic State are often made for propaganda purposes. “This unconscionable attack on Muslim worshipers during Friday prayers only further highlights the depth of the terrorists’ depravity and the threat they pose to the people of Yemen, the region and the world,” White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said.

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