US cops sacked after killing black duo in hail of 137 bullets

People march in reaction to Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo being acquitted of manslaughter charges after he shot two people at the end of a 2012 car chase in which officers fired 137 shots, on May 23, 2015 in Cleveland, OhioUS authorities sacked six police officers Tuesday who unloaded 137 bullets into a car carrying two unarmed African Americans, killing the pair in a hail of gunfire in Cleveland, Ohio. City officials, who have faced criticism for failing to take action sooner after the 2012 shooting, said they hoped the sackings would bring “closure” to a city struggling to rebuild trust following a series of high-profile police killings, including that of a black boy. Cleveland pledged to overhaul its police force and aspire to “bias-free” law enforcement under an agreement reached with the US Justice Department in May.

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