US investigates alleged Syrian regime gas attack

A young man breathes with an oxygen mask on March 17, 2015 at a clinic in the village of Sarmin, southeast of Idlib, Syria, following reports of suffocation cases related to an alleged regime gas attack in the areaThe United States is looking into allegations that the Syrian regime unleashed chlorine gas in an attack in the northwest of the war-ravaged country earlier this week, John Kerry said Thursday. A monitoring group and opposition activists said six people, including three young children, were killed in the alleged regime gas attack in the village of Sarmin, in Idlib province. “We are looking very closely into this matter and considering next steps,” said Kerry, who led moves to force Syria to hand over its stock of chemical weapons last year to the international community for destruction. Activists in Sarmin said chlorine gas had been used and published videos of a chaotic field hospital where disoriented victims coughed and held gas masks over their faces, as children cried in the background.

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